GoPro has launched a rugged bluetooth remote for its flagship cameras

Total control
18 December 2020 / 14:00IST

GoPro has introduced a new ruggedised waterproof remote to make controlling its flagship cameras even easier. The new remote, which is called, well, The Remote ($79.99), is about the size of a smartwatch and grants quick access to some of the most used GoPro camera functions including shutter controls and power. The pebble-like accessory can be mounted to anything from a user's wrist to a gear strap or handlebar, and is capable of simultaneously controlling up to five GoPro cameras from distances of 200 feet away. In terms of compatibility, The Remote works with the GoPro Hero9 Black, Hero8 Black, and Max, and will be supported via a new firmware update. It's available to purchase right now, and could be the perfect Christmas gift for the adventurer in your life.