Anker’s Roav can make driving carefree with Dashcam AO

Get to know how your chauffeur is spinning your expensive wheels with footage that he cannot deny.
26 July 2019 / 12:09IST

Documenting proof of your chauffeur driving your expensive wheels, or simply keeping essential footage of your daily commute to office and back home can be easy. Simply slap the Dashcam AO on your car’s windscreen and leave the rest to Anker’s Roav. The small black box packs in a 170-degree camera for a full view of your road ahead. Stuffed with an 8GB micro SD card at purchase, you are ready to hook up this car DVR on your dashboard instantly after purchase — no need to break your head with setting it up — simply stick it, power on and drive with default settings out of the box. And with its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity option, you can also monitor the live feed or save all those hit and miss events on your smartphone for proving it to that insurance inspector when needed. Priced at ₹8490, this little black box can help you claim genuine insurance or fight out that traffic cop if did not jump those red lights at all.