AdCom lenses want to weaponise your smartphone cam

Yeah, you got the Pixel, so what?
17 September 2019 / 17:59IST

Let’s tell you this upfront — the thing about clip-on lenses is that you don’t think you need one till you get one. That’s what we say to the regular folks at least. For the shutterbugs out there — we have been pretty surprised and pleased. Adcom is a clip-on lens manufacturer that make some smooth-looking clip-on lenses you know, the ones that don’t look or feel like they’ve been made from pencil lead. There are a wide variety of them already on sale including a 210-Degree Fisheye option and a 10x Macro that comes with a lens hood. Need more? Fret not, there’s an entire 8-piece lens kit that you can buy and go around creating pictures and videos with. These lenses can be used with most smartphones and mobile devices (you just need to position it right on your main camera, if you have multiple). Adcom is constantly working on more innovative solutions and lenses, which the company says will be available very soon, with different coatings and techniques. The company also has a variety of other cool and quirky products such as this Sticky Note Printer.