Zoook gives 2-in-1 a new meaning

Hear and be heard
06 September 2019 / 11:08IST

Ever felt the need to share that superb song with your friends around you? Of course, you have, at least at some point. But sadly the only way to share those tunes was to hand over your headphones, hereby not being able to enjoy the song yourself. Well, Zoook is here with a solution — a headphone that also works as a speaker system. The Jazz Duo is a convertible headphone with built-in speakers for a private and shared listening experience combined. Quiet enough for personal audio while being loud enough for your friends around when the need be. The 50mm drivers promise to deliver impressive sound quality a plethora of features like in-built microphone and FM Radio, that makes it a versatile piece of kit. The Jazz Duo promises 8-15 hours of music listening in headphone mode and 2-4 hours of playback on speaker mode thanks to a 300mAh battery. The feature that sets the Jazz Duo apart from other headphones in this price range is the Zook Duo app which allows users to change the way they use the headphones. It allows the user to finely tune the sound experience thanks to an initiative equalizer among other adjustments like choosing input modes. The Zoook Jazz Duo is available now for ₹1399.