The V-MODA M-200 studio headphones have a Hi-Res certification

Another option for those who live in the studio
21 November 2019 / 15:48IST

Whether you live in a recording studio, or move around with your loop station, then you probably have a soft corner to particular type and brand of headphones for your hard work. And you may definitely not let go of it as easily too. However, you should consider a new spare too. Alternatively, if you are just starting up into this new career, then you could probably check out V-Moda’s latest studio cans. The Crossfade M-200 are meant for Hi-Res audio certified by the Japan Audio Society (JAS), feature 50mm neodymium drivers with CCAW voice coils, fine-tuned by Roland engineers and use a single-sided balanced cable for using comfort. Priced around ₹26,000, you can pick a Crossfade M-200 from