Urbn World’s Thump MSD Edition wireless headphones bring out the captain cool in you

Cans for cricketers on the move
07 January 2019 / 12:35IST

Before you say 'I think I've seen something like this before.’ we're going to tell you anyway. Urbn’s Thump wireless headphones look something like the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless but they don't cost as much, for obvious reasons. It's a boon for commuters, rocking up to 15 hours of battery (300mAh) and Bluetooth 4.2 for easy calling and music playback. This variant in particular, is jazzed up with captain cool MS Dhoni's iconic blue and orange colours and signature so you can flaunt it off wherever you are. For their price, these seem pretty tempting to get your hands on, especially if you hate those damn wires. It's 2019 you know. Grab these from Amazon India at a cool 2,799.