Upgrade your car infotainment with Pioneer’s latest head unit

Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and more
01 October 2019 / 15:08IST

Driving out of town with wife and kids for a long vacation? We know your drive will be strenuous by the road alone. Now add to that the chaos and high decibels of your wife and kids fighting over that last piece of French fry while you are concentrating on that cow who just crossed your path. Well, while life has to go on that way, why not ease it out a little. Swap your old car infotainment system with Pioneer’s latest head unit DMH-Z5290BT. It sports a Full HD 1080p 7-inch LCD display and you can plug in a movie via a USB pen drive for the road. With four audio outputs that pumps out 50 Watts in total, together with a 13-band equalizer, even your daughter would probably want to dance on the rear seat. What will excite you are features such as Android Auto or Apple CarPlay for your respective smartphone, dual camera inputs for parking assist, video output to hook up a screen for the rear seat passengers, connect to the internet and play music from Spotify, and a lot more. And chill — that Pioneer head unit will not cost you a kidney either. Priced at ₹24,490, it’s a small price for a big relief. Warning: that chaos and high decibels could be back if your wife and kids don’t have the similar taste in movies or music genre — all the best dude!