Ultimate Ears' Boom 3 speaker make blasting your music even easier

Boom! shake-shake-shake the room
16 January 2019 / 15:58IST

The Ultimate Ears mission statement has always been a clear and simple one: give the people ultra-durable Bluetooth speakers that can go really flipping loud. We’re happy to report that none of that has changed with the company’s latest product, the Boom 3 (15,995). The redesigned two-tone fabric now no longer includes a strap, meaning better 360 sound, while a new IP67 rating means the speaker can accompany you on a dusty road trip as well as in the pool. Range has been upped too, now sitting at 45 metres. But the big addition is a new button that sits on top. Modestly dubbed the Magic Button, it essentially allows you to play, pause and skip through your music without messing around with your phone. And if you’re an Apple Music or Deezer subscriber, a long press will summon your favourite playlists. Saved up for these already? Hit here to buy it in Night (Black), Sunset (Red) and Lagoon (Blue).