Toreto’s Boombox offers tunes and style on the go

Bluetooth speakers that tickle the hipster in you
21 August 2017

Portable speakers owe their entire existence to our need for tunes on the go. Yeah, headphones serve the same purpose, but they are a tad bit anti-social. Manufacturers in their efforts to improve the sound quality of these portable speakers have neglected the aesthetics and we have ended up with generic boxes that occasionally play some music. Happily however, you won’t have to deal with that embarrassment anymore. Saving the day is the Toreto Boombox Bluetooth speaker. Not only is it a treat for your ears with impressive sound quality, but it’s not an eyesore. Oh, it’s convenient too. With leather (or what looks like leather) straps that can be used to carry it around with ease. You can buy the Toreto Boombox Speaker from the Toreto website for ₹5,499.