The Symfonisk Picture Frame Wi-Fi Speaker is the latest Ikea and Sonos collaboration

The art of noise
16 June 2021 / 10:19IST

When David Bowie sang about waiting patiently for the gift of sound and vision, I bet he didn’t envision it’d come in the form of the Ikea and Sonos Symfonisk Picture Frame Wi-Fi Speaker (approximately ₹18,500). Technology is making a habit of masquerading as art, perhaps it’s an attempt to prove it deserves a space in your home, it’s ever so versatile too. The Picture Frame Wi-Fi Speaker can be hung in portrait or landscape, or if you’d rather prop it on the floor, it comes with anti-vibration rubber feet. All the physical controls are located on the back of the frame and if you purchase two, you can daisy-chain them together. The interchangeable arty fronts cost around ₹1,755 and the speaker will happily stereo pair with other Sonos speakers and supports Apple AirPlay 2 too.