Sweat or rain, 1MORE’s portable BT speaker can deliver

But just don’t jump into a pool with it
05 November 2019 / 12:42IST

We have all been in this situation. You head out of town for the weekend, either to a resort or the great outdoors, only to remember that no one carried a Bluetooth speaker with them to groove to the tunes when it gets dark. 1MORE’s brand new Portable Bluetooth Speaker priced at ₹10,000 (can be pre-ordered at ₹6499) can be your (and your mates’) saviour as it’s small enough to be forgotten inside your travel bag and can last a good 12 hours on a single charge. It can take a splash or water, rain and moisture as well, if you happen to be trekking and simply want to listen to the right tunes that will motivate you to climb to the top and boogie once you are up there.