Storms afoot with Zebronics Tornado 2

With looks to kill and sound that might actually do it
30 May 2017 / 12:34IST

On a budget but still need your daily fix of distortion-free audio? Well if that's the case then rejoice, because Zebronics has just the thing for you. The latest 2.1 speakers deliver high performance, impressive features and looks to make anyone swoon. Don't worry about cluttering your home any more than it is (and we know it is quite cluttered) because this party piece is sleek and ergonomically designed. For those who can understand the jargon, here’s a taste of the impressive features. The Zebronics speakers come with a sound output of 12-watts RMS and enhanced digital sound processing that ensures effective sound throw and excellent audio quality. The bass freaks out there won’t be disappointed either. With a subwoofer that has a sound output of 80 watts RMS, you are sure to feel every drop. Featuring universal connectivity and a remote control, you would be hard pressed to find sound performance that would trump the Tornado 2 at 11,111.