Spotify, welcome to India!

Embracing the hi-fi streaming service with open arms and ears
27 February 2019 / 15:40IST

Better late than never is quite apt for Spotify. Finally, a music streaming service that has a bitrate of 320kbps and is completely free. You can obviously pay ₹119/month on Android to start your Premium membership which allows you to download and stream in the highest quality without ads. Better yet, Spotify has come prepared with millions of songs and playlists with Bollywood being a personal favourite and for the local taste there are even Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu and Tamil songs to name a few. Spotify’s winning formula over the years has been the way it picks up your music taste based on what you’re listening to. So the more you listen, the better the recommendations become and if you can’t wait to swoon people with your remarkable playlist, Instagram and Tinder along with some other apps have been integrated to play and share music directly. Meanwhile, many audio systems like the award winning Sonos speakers have the app integrated into them as well. You can download the app for Android and iOS from here.