The Sport+ Bluetooth in-ears by Tagg have magnets to keep ‘em together

Pop ‘em, hear ‘em, lock ‘em
12 October 2017 / 17:18IST

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Or an avid music junkie? Either ways, Tagg’s got new in-ear headphones that bring out the Channing Tatum in you. They’ve got nano coating tech that keeps your wires dry. There’s also Bluetooth 4.1 (up to 20ft) and Apt-X tech that keeps your sessions uninterrupted and ensures decent music quality. Hate that dangling feel when it’s off your ears and around your neck? It’s got magnets on the back, that sticks ‘em together. Now it’s an earphone and a necklace. Win-win. The Tagg Sports+ costs ₹5999 and you can bag them for a special price of ₹3499 right here.