SoundBot's wireless speaker sticks like a spider in your room

Stock up on your ‘morning shower’ playlists
26 September 2017 / 17:05IST

Like to sing along in the shower? Don't you worry child, SoundBot’s SB517 dynamic wireless speaker has got your back, not literally though. It’s baked with IPX7, making it not only waterproof (up to 40mm) but shock-proof too. Stick it anywhere you like, no not there, silly. It comes with a suction cup backed behind it, that sticks to any glass or hard surface. The SoundBot is juiced with 6 hours of playback and has got an inbuilt subwoofer too. This tiny speaker costs ₹1,290 and is perfect for you hippies on the move. To top it up, it’s got a microphone too, ahem.