Sound One’s wireless earphones convert to wired when you run out of battery

A detachable Bluetooth earphone that never stops
18 October 2019 / 19:12IST

Wireless headphones have a decent 1-day+ battery life, and when it comes to BT earphones, you can expect around 4 – 10 hours max. Then you are left to plug them in and wait till they refuel. Sound One has a unique pair of BT earphones with buds that detach from the cable and BT receiver only to attach to a pair of cables with a 3.5mm jack. They can now directly be plugged in — no more breaks in your movies or games. Based on BT5.0 and 10mm drivers, and built with an IPX5-certified aluminum housing, this set of BT earbuds also promises around 8 hours of play time. Priced at ₹ 2999, the Sound One Detachable Earphones are currently available for a discounted price of ₹1690.