Sound One’s BT-06 are as versatile as they are boombastic

Got any tunes, my man?
05 July 2017 / 17:51IST

If what you need in life are a pair of cans for every occasion and every situation, and let’s face it we all really do, then Sound One’s BT-06, might just be what you need. These on-ears offer versatility in spades. For the spec freaks out there, here’s a taste of a few of the features offered by the BT-06. Bluetooth 4.0 and a built-in battery for the no-strings-attached freedom, dedicated buttons for radio, built-in microphone, memory card slot and for the times when you run out of juice, a 1.5m audio cable. With good looks and stylish colours, we wouldn’t mind having a free pair. Hope you are reading this Sound One. The Sound One BT-06 are available on Amazon India for ₹1,890.