Sound One V8s can’t promise you a quiet Diwali, but certainly a musical one

Noise-cancelling cans to kill the background noise
04 October 2017 / 15:15IST

Every new kid on the block makes its ballsy claim on sound cancellation, cushy comfort and long lasting battery. Some hold their ground some don’t. We’d say an Indian Diwali is the best way to put their claims to test. If, like us, your bank is deprived of its contents before the 15th of every month, and you can’t afford the Bose or Sennheiser versions of noise cancellation, the Sound One V8 Bluetooth Wireless headphones may be the answer to those deafening crackers this Diwali. Noise-free festivities are a far cry for the likes of us, but you can overcome the noise with clean bass, clear vocals and the precision of guitars. The lightweight portability of the Sound One V8, clubbed with Bluetooth, noise-cancellation and up to 18 hours of play time, we’d say your Diwali-at-home is taken care of! The V8s are available exclusively on Amazon, and they’re currently available at a discounted price, lower than the original ₹3990.