Sound One offers chord-free tunes on a budget

One sound to rule them all
11 September 2017 / 17:42IST

What do you look for while buying a pair of wireless headphones? Well, apart from the hardcore Hi-Fi enthusiasts out there, us ‘normal’ folk look (or at least should look) for a long battery life, comfortable fit, good looks (if you are a bit of a show off), good sound (obviously) and above all, an economical price tag. As you probably already know, we here at Stuff India are a helpful bunch of fellas, trying to make your buying decision easy (let’s ignore the fact that it’s our job to inform you about new tech and let’s just go with us being helpful). Sound One’s latest Bluetooth headphones make a strong case for your cash. With the use of premium lightweight materials and a compact comfortable design, you are well catered to in the comfort and looks department while Bluetooth 4.0, 20 hours of battery life and HD sound playback takes care of the other headphone duties. The Sound One  QY-V6BTL Bluetooth headphones are priced at ₹2290 and you can buy them from Amazon India.