Sony’s MHC-V83D is a party in a box

Ain't no party like a MHC–V83D party
01 September 2020 / 21:24IST

This has got to be one of the coolest speakers of 2020. Sony launches four new models of the One box styled audio system to its pre-existing collection. These products promise a festival-like

experience for party lovers as well as families because of its portable design. Sony has made sure to improve the sound and also packed in party lights so one can experience a ‘lit’ party pun intended, like never before. These products range all the way up from ₹56,990 down to ₹16,990 to suit all types of budgets. The higher range models, the V83D and the V73D boast of omnidirectional sound which means it has four tweeters at the front and the back to improve the sound, and it comes with a woofer and jet bass booster to go with it so you can also experience a mini-earthquake, right from your living room. The multicoloured lights, light up the entire room and it creates an immersive nightclub-like atmosphere. New features include Karaoke sessions, guitar input and a taiko mode to help bring out the inner musician in you.