Sony’s MHC-V50D portable one-box audio system is your ticket to all the cool parties

You’ll soon be on everyone’s guest list
14 July 2017 / 22:32IST

Have you ever been the guy who knows everything about everything but has always been too dorky to be considered cool? Your playlist rocks but someone must also hear that excellent music collection of yours that you spend a fortune downloading from iTunes every month. Sony’s MHC-V50D comes loaded with a plethora of features, not known to exist in one machine before. With a plug-in guitar Karaoke mode, illuminated LED touch panel, DJ function, Music Centre and Bluetooth connectivity it tries real hard to justify the ₹33,990 price tag. The fact that it’s portable enough to be carried to a party with as much ease as it could be taken at the promenade with friends ensures your musical genius is on point. Stop worrying about the noisy next door aunty or your fussy roommate who threatens not to share the rent for the nth time. Worry only about your slowly gaining popularity. The 660W output will take care of the unnecessary sounds around you.