Sonos is now officially available in India through Luxury Personified

Distributing the sound
6 days ago

A two-way ticket to the nearest Sonos store outside the country is only possible with Ambani money and shipping products from abroad are rather difficult too. It helps when brands establish an official footing in the motherland and Sonos has done exactly that with their new distribution partnership with Luxury Personified. You can now hop onto the website and indulge yourself in the wide range of audio products from Sonos. You don’t even have to pony up the ransom-level cash at customs because that’s Luxury Personified’s headache. For technical help, the distributor also has a dedicated technical audio team to support customers and end-users. For expert opinions, you can stick around on our website and Magazine (wink, wink). You can start by reading our latest review on the Sonos Move.