Smart fabrics now play music on K-board Pro 4

3D expressive keyboard is built using BeBop’s smart fabric sensors for high portability for ₹ 65,000
20 June 2019 / 17:26IST

Imagine your keyboard that has an octave that does not use conventional switches by simple fabrics, and in your mind you would go — how does that work?

Well, BeBop, a known leader in designing and manufacturing smart fabric sensors, has now partnered with KMI to launch K-Board Pro 4. The Pro 4 is a 4-octave keyboard that features an MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) MIDI keyboard controller — a new development in MIDI. MPE is a standard specification that allows easy integration of multiple, polyphonic per-key dimensions of expressive control.  The Pro 4 has a traditional layout for all the keys, but each key has multiple dimensions of touch sensitivity. Each key has sensors placed within that senses velocity, pressure, and position of each finger to send information on musical subtleties. It can also send Poly Aftertouch messages for communication with expressive legacy controllers. The K-Board Pro 4 is USB powered and is compatible with MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android and MIDI capable hardware. K-Board Pro 4 K919 is available on the KMI website for USD $929 (approx ₹65,000).