Shanling’s MTW100 truly wireless earbuds let the sound in to keep you safe

Safe and sound
31 December 2019 / 10:32IST

In a sea of earbuds that aim to provide better noise cancellation and block the ambient sound around you, Chinese audio specialists Shanling did not seem to get the memo. Or so it appears! With the MTW100, Shanling wants you to enjoy great sound and stay safe, so that you don’t get hit by a car, step on a pooch’s tail (and get bitten), fall into an open manhole and basically stay connected to the outside world while enjoying your tunes on your daily commute. Priced from ₹5,999 for regular model (₹6,999 for the audiophile-friendly variant) they promise 6 hours (or 7 hours) on a single charge and 21 hours when used with the case, promising a day of grooving to your favourite tunes. Featuring an IPX7 rating, the audiophile variant also features a wireless charging case that can be trickle charged on your desk when not in use.