Sennheiser’s new wireless earphones promise audiophile-grade sound via Bluetooth

Music for your ears
14 November 2019 / 16:36IST

Sennheiser’s IE 80S wired headphones received plenty of praise for their audio quality but were not too great when it came to functionality, as they lacked a mic and even music controls. With the new IE 80S BT Wireless, Sennheiser claims to deliver the same audiophile-grade clarity but in a better package. Priced at ₹39,990, these headphones promise high-res audio using HWA's LHDC codec and even come with controls built into the neckband. There’s also a button to summon Siri or Google Assistant when you are on the move; the design also includes built-in earhooks for those with a more active lifestyle. Whether you are jogging through a park or crossing a crowded street, noise reduction technology will ensure that those calls sound crystal clear. This one's strictly for the audiophiles.