Sennheiser IE 900 promise audiophile-pleasing performance

You can't put a cost on good audio quality
19 July 2021 / 13:43IST

Sennheiser has delivered quality products for decades now, and over time, it has catered to music listeners across all price range. Even I have been a consumer who enjoyed a pair of ₹1,000 Sennheiser earbuds. But the latest product from the German company is strictly aimed at those who fall in the very top range. Or in other words audiophiles. The new Sennheiser IE 900 is made for the exclusive audiophiles willing to spend ₹1,29,990 for a crystal clear audio experience. The earbuds boast of 7mm driver transducer technology and resonator chamber that get rid of unwanted distortion and things like phase incoherence. These are similar to the IE 300s which too don’t have wireless connectivity, active noise cancellation, a mic and touch controls. The focus is simply on delivering premium sound. The earbuds are up for pre-order on Sennheiser's online store.