RHA’s MA650i is an ideal audio companion for your Apple device

Hey Siri, play music!
13 June 2019 / 16:12IST

Finally, an earphone that directly plugs into the lightning port, has buttons that respond to volume and shower your ears with fine audio. Meet the RHA MA650i. It’s crafted especially for Apple fans looking to replace their boring Apple EarPods. Better yet, you can summon Siri with a press of a button and ask her to play your newest tunes directly from Apple Music or whatever you’re subscribed to. Unlike the EarPods, the MA650i is made with premium materials, case and plenty of silicon tips to fit your ear and dive into noise isolation. It also guarantees better audio quality over most wired earphones in the market today. Think you’ve found the ideal replacement? Head over to Headphone Zone and orders yours for ₹6,999 right away. This same variant is also available with a 3.5mm jack and wireless too. Bid adieu to bad audio.