Remove the hassle of setting up a home theatre system with Sony’s new HT-A9 speakers

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27 July 2021 / 17:56IST

Maintaining that clean and cord-free look in your home is tough, especially when there are wires that need to run from one device to another. Sony’s new HT-A9 home theatre systems boast one of the easiest connections to a home theatre system. Simply plug in the main power, an HDMI cable from your TV to the control box and you're all set! Place the other 3 speakers anywhere because they connect wirelessly and have microphones that spatially map the surroundings to give the same immersive 360 audio experience to everyone in the room. This also means you can access your favourite streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You can even play music in multiple rooms by simply connecting another A9 using Google Home. Available in September this year, this setup will set you back $1799 (around ₹1,33,912). Indian price and availability are not available at the time of writing.