Put a Pebble in your hand and play music from it

Or stay 25 metres away from it and let Blutooth 4.0 do the work for 6 hours
03 August 2017 / 15:54IST

What did the shy pebble say? I wish I was a little boulder. Yup, you can now find random one liners here at Stuff India. Don’t worry, we still have some juicy stories for your tech tastebuds. Check out the Storm by Pebble. It’s a 10W Bluetooth (4.0) speaker, which does music duty for upto 6 hours. Urban cavemen can use the AUX or MicroSD card to play their Dhinchak Pooja playlist, but you can tap into the FM radio to swing on something better for a change. The Pebble Storm is available for 2,750 on Amazon India or Pebblecart. Here’s your parting gift - which storm is always in a rush? A hurry-cane.