Polk Audio’s Signa Solo is one of the cheapest soundbars around

Big sound on a budget
29 September 2017 / 13:51IST

It’s amazing, in this age of lovely 4K entertainment, that so many people are content with their tinny TV speakers on the audio front. We’d hazard that a guess that anyone who hasn’t invested in a soundbar would point to the price point as a reason. Fair enough, but at ₹15,900, Polk Audio’s Signa Solo (expected to launch by next month) might be what they’re looking for. The cheapest soundbar the Baltimore-based brand has made to date, it features Polk’s SDA digital surround technology, as well as Voice Adjust, which lets users manually adjust voice levels. Bass ports built into the four 2.5-inch full-range drivers, Polk says, mean you won’t need to fork out for an external subwoofer, and SmartBar makes Signa Solo compatible with all TV remotes. Handy.