Play Santa, gift your kids an Ant Audio party speaker

Let that pajama party end with a masala
27 December 2019 / 10:58IST

Well, if it’s not the pajama party, then the backyard can be room to a karaoke night for the entire family and close friends. Why not play Santa and ensure that this New Year’s bonfire makes a mark in your video album. Ant Audio has three new party speakers that can let you rock your little party with memories. The wireless Audio Rock 400, 300 and 150 will keep that party alive for hours together, while the 2.1-channel speaker system ensures audio pleasure for all ages. Sing along with karaoke or simply dance to the music until your feet ache. Pick the 400, 300 or 150 for huge discounted prices of ₹3,999 (MRP ₹8,499), ₹3,199 (MRP ₹6,499) and ₹1,999 (MRP ₹4,999) respectively.