Pioneer hi-res special edition speakers launched to give you a new vibe for your drive

Up your car’s audio chops
12 July 2021 / 19:42IST

Just like most TV speakers, more often than not, a car’s stock sound system tends to dampen your vibe. After all, there's very little that comes close to the joys of driving while listening to your favourite music. To up your car's audio game, Pioneer India has launched its new range of 6.5in hi-res special edition speakers. The lineup includes the TS-VR170C, TS-V170C, and TS-J170C with prices starting from ₹19,990. Pioneer says it has tried and tested over 200 different materials, shapes and setups, and boiled it down to a few choices that it believes best suits you. For crystal clear high frequencies, the TS-VR170C comes with 25mm ‘Dual Arc Ring’ aluminum diaphragm tweeter while the woofer has a dual-layer carbon fiber cone for high performance. The TS-V170C features an Aramid Fiber cone and a frequency response of 64 kHz. The TS-J170C has an Injection Molding Carbonized Cone that reproduces live sound featuring a frequency response up to 58 kHz that gives you more immersive mid and low frequencies. Pioneer also gives you multi-fit adapters, multi-fit connectors, and installation accessories for tweeters so that you can fit these in the widest variety of cars.