This Philips baby is all about that BASS+

The perfect cans to complete the grunge look
06 July 2017 / 14:43IST

Though they’ve been ruling the mid-segment roost for a long time, Philips’ BASS+ range of headphones are refreshing news for young college goers. The pricing comes as an added bonus for those whose pocket money is carefully saved and spent on only the right things. Let’s also give credit to these cans in the looks department and what they’re actually made for. If your baby likes bass, get her the BASS+. They’re stylish, light weight and its 32mm high intensity drivers are designed to give your ears pure musical satisfaction. Ranging between ₹999 and ₹3499, these lookers are the perfect addition to those crop tops and ripped jeans and you’ll look straight out of a Karan Johar film.