Pester your dad for Yamaha’s Digital Piano CVP-805

Make sure you promise him some scholarship in music
18 November 2019 / 14:35IST

If music is your life, then Yamaha’s latest instrument will probably kick that chair off your bottom. The world-renowned leader in musical instruments has brought the Digital Piano CVP-805 into India with a promise to help students – and live performers – make the best of their musical skills. Boasting of CFX and Bosendorfer imperial piano sampling and CFX binaural sampling, this GrandTouch Keyboard with 88-key linear graded hammers, 1315 voices and 49 drum/SFX kits also has built-in Bluetooth audio and 7in TFT display. With a set of 45W+20W speakers, the piano also smartly works with Smart Pianist iPhone app. So if you are pestering your dad for this keyboard, make sure you slowly hit him with a price tag of ₹3,75,990 along with some assurance of school/college grades, else you would be practicing on Garage Band for the rest of your life.