The perfect party speaker? Sony thinks it has hit the spot

Comes with in-built lights to complete the package
16 April 2018 / 17:26IST

There are some important sessions in life that require a device to not only play music with exceptional sound quality but also provide a dazzling array of stimulating lights. You know what we are talking about right? Pool parties of course. And boy do the new speakers from Sony deliver in this regard. The Sony SRS-XB41, XB31 and XB21 are a bunch of handy wireless speakers that Sony thinks will provide the ultimate party experience, and with Sony’s expertise in creating premium audio products, we do not doubt it one bit. The new speakers boast a Live Sound mode that creates a three-dimensional music experience with the help of a Digital Signal Processor. Oh and it’s also waterproof so no need to worry about an inebriated guest knocking it into the pool. The Sony speaker range starts at ₹7990 and can be picked up from Sony’s website.