Pebble’s little rugged speaker sings in style

Drop it or wet it, this one will continue singing happily
25 September 2019 / 16:23IST

When you pop-out a tiny boom box out of your backpack, it better be something that you could show off. With a BassX Aqua, Pebble ensures you get that attention. This little wonder speaks of an IPX7-rated water and dustproof body, rugged enough to even bounce off that table if you accidentally had too much to drink. Promising a good amount of bass too, this little music box can entertain you for a good 8 hours, enough to start that friendship party on the beachside and end it till you drop each one back home. Hiking, camping or simple pyjama nights, your younger sibling would find it a lovely gift this festive season too. Pick one up online for just ₹1999 and you can carry it around everywhere.