Noise Shots Rush is for fitness enthusiasts

Run, jump or fly… they won’t budge
26 May 2020 / 16:59IST

Ear-hooks are the practical answer to every fitness freaks’ obsession with sweat, protein shakes and Badshah. The Noise Shots Rush won’t interrupt your muscle building session nor will they stop pumping music because of its 6 hours of playback time and a total of 24 hours through the case. Sweat is also not a deterrent either, you can call forth Siri or Google Assistant to have a hands-free control over your music. There are also touch controls for volume and playback for traditionalists. It has Bluetooth 5.0 for connection and offers 65-80ms low latency mode for gaming. Gym companions by day and PUBG buddies at night, these will cost you ₹3,999 and come in three different colours.