A new Philips headphone with a promise of safe sound for your kids

A responsible gift for your kids this Children’s Day
13 November 2019 / 13:56IST

Kids these days are no longer like what the older generation were. They are born with tablets and smartphones at hand and usually throw tantrums only to watch videos while eating their grub. And it definitely spells a tough time for parents, especially when their little ones crank up the audio volume to max on the headphones. To ensure healthy headphone habits, Philips has introduced the lightweight SHK2000PK headphones that promise to protect their eardrums by limiting or capping the highest volume on each driver to a maximum 85dB. Available in purple/pink and blue/green combos, this ₹1500 headphone has removable parts that easily pop together, making it less vulnerable to wear and tear too.