Muve Acoustics’ new headphones are limited but not by your cash reserves

These over-ear wireless headphones have EMI options to kick ‘limited-quantity’ in the nuts
26 April 2017 / 13:53IST

If you’re thinking to yourself - ‘Oh no, they’ve only made limited quantities of these beautiful purple headphones but it's month-end and I have spent all my money on weekend shenanigans. What do I do?’ - fear not fellow Stuffer, they are still going to cost ₹12,999 and will still be in limited quantities. That’s not comforting, is it? These premium over-ear wireless headphones in the Evoke series come with Bluetooth 4.0 and multi-device pairing capability (you can switch between two paired devices at the touch of a button). Evoke MA-1999FB has up to 10 meters range and comes with a multifunctional detachable cable with integrated playback, volume and phone-call control. You get 18 hours of beautiful eargasm and your wallet takes a hit of only 1,161 every month on EMI from Amazon India. You might even carry these for your weekend shenanigans, isn’t that comforting now...