Microsoft Surface Earbuds can read out your emails for you

Why though?
07 May 2020 / 16:35IST

We go through plenty of press releases in a day to know that having them read out is simply time consuming, but it’s something we haven’t tried and Microsoft’s screen-free integration with Microsoft 365 is definitely intriguing enough. Play My Emails works with Outlook app on iOS (Android not confirmed yet), but there are other uses for the Surface Earbuds too. It allows you to dictate in Word, PowerPoint and Outlook – something corporate nerds will be drooling over, maybe? Believe it or not, people in black suits and ties listen to music too and that’s why there’s an integrated triple tap feature on either bud for instant Spotify launch, and the Omnisonic sound promises an immersive and rich listening experience. And let’s not forget that these look like tiny discs in your ear. Will the earbuds be worth $199? We’ll have to wait till they launch in India.