Mass Fidelity’s Core speaker system wants to be in every room... strings attached
16 April 2018 / 16:51IST

Ahh, the complicated world of smart speakers. First, you need the speaker itself. Then you need a router in your house. Then you have to get the speaker to connect to the router. Then you scratch your head and try and read the instructions again because the speaker refuses to speak to your router. Then you get frustrated, start drinking heavily, start messing with some prohibited substances, your significant other leaves you and your dog thinks you’re a loser. Save your life, dear reader because the Core doesn’t need any of that. A simple button connects to other Core devices in your home. There’s no need for a router and there is no app. You just pair it with your phone via good old Bluetooth and you’re up and running in a second. Spin some Leonard Cohen, pour your bourbon and be free of your burdens for just ₹33,999 (bourbon not included).