Make your TV sound better with Boult Audio Soundbars 2.1

An affordable, must-have companion for all TVs
27 August 2019 / 14:47IST

So you bought that swanky new large-screen 4K smart television during a sale? Congratulations. But now you realise that the TV isn’t sounding as great as you experienced it at the showroom where the salesman gave you a demo. And now, you are afraid to even put it on to show off the new purchase to your neighbours. What do you do? Well, large flat-screen tellies usually have a bad audio performance and that is not your fault. Add on a soundbar or invest on some good multi-channel home entertainment system which will help your neighbour fume in envy. Boult Audio has just released Soundbars 2.1, which promises 80 watts of audio power but needs a better name. Designed with sleek tower-style satellites and a simple, yet elegant-looking subwoofer, the Soundbars 2.1 sports an HDMI port, an AUX input and a USB port inputs for you to connect your TV or media player too. And the audio setup will also not break your bank –– with an investment of just ₹5999, you can surely get your neighbour to regret being a miser during that sale that just passed by.