Let this Philips soundbar make your movie worthwhile

We agree TV speakers can be a pain
12 December 2019 / 15:07IST

Yes, we all know that those faint-sounding speakers within that large-screen idiot box you just hung up on your wall are not what you banked on. However, there’s nothing much you can do since you probably compromised on price over some good quality audio/video experience. So chill and go pick up a soundbar that can enhance your movie experience like you wanted it to be with the money you saved on that TV. Philips presents a newbie in their range of soundbars that pumps out a decent 300 watts of audio pleasure using a 3.1-channel speaker solution. The HTL3320 will not only be your audio caterer, but can also control all your media devices connected to it with a single remote controller. And the wireless subwoofer will ensure your room is not compromised with ugly wires around the place. Opt for the HTL3320 at ₹20,990 or save some more with a 160W HTL3310 at ₹18,990.