JBL’s Boombox will let you blast music from dawn to dawn

Pool party ready
06 February 2018 / 15:14IST

Harman International has launched its new party-perfect bluetooth speakers – and these speakers are ready to provide the music for beach/pool party because of their waterproof design. But JBL’s Boombox isn’t your average joe portable speaker. The sound system weighs 5.25kg and is nearly 20 inches wide. And if you are someone who cannot remember to charge their electronic devices, or are eager to make use of them for an entire day, the Boombox is perfect because of its 20000mAh. In addition to that, these clever speakers can simultaneously be charged while they play music. Tempted to buy this for your next full-blown house party? Priced at ₹34,990 they are available on Harman Audio.