If it’s not Hi-Res, it’s not music, and FiiO adds class too

Pull out this piece of tech and watch your fellow passenger ogle
25 September 2019 / 17:07IST

Try this — pull out this extraordinarily bulky-looking Apple Watch look-alike and people would probably stare at you with crooked eyebrows. But the moment you turn it on, they will throw in some respect. This tiny shiny square box looks like an Apple Watch rip-off without the strap but is a High-Resolution audio player that will push your bank balance lower by ₹8990. The FiiO M5 boasts of an Ingenic X1000E processor clubbed with AKM AK4377 DAC with support for native DSD. Bluetooth for wireless headphones is what will keep this little 38g buddy discreet, while USB DAC, headphone/line/coaxial outputs can help you at the DJ table. Playing it outdoors? No issues, it also shouts out a dual microphone noise cancelling capability so that irritating autorickshaw in your path becomes invisible. 10 hours battery, 1.54-inch touchscreen, up to 2TB microSD support, and a long list of compatible file formats — the FiiO M5 will not let you down so easily.