HIFIMAN promises new TWS earbuds with a 150-metre range

And a playtime of 5.5 hours too
30 October 2019 / 13:34IST

While the Bluetooth speaker and headset market seems to be booming since the last few months, brands are continuously competing with each other to woo their customers. TWS eadbuds seems to be the main direction of war. And why not — with almost everyone wanting an Airpod-like bud hanging in each ear. But while most TWS earbuds are incapable of delivering audio over a longer range of more than 10-15 metres, these HIFIMAN TWS600 promises a whopping 150 metres or 490 feet reception. Not only the distance, this one also promises a good 5.5 hours of battery life in each bud, plus an additional 38.6 hours totally with the charging case. The brand also boasts of higher quality audio using a nano-particle-coated diaphragm. The IPX4-rated TWS600 will be available for ₹12,999, but seems tough to recommend over Apple’s Airpods.