HIFIMAN HE400se planar magnetic headphones launched in India

With stealthy magnets onboard
07 June 2021 / 16:10IST

HIFIMAN is looking to shake up the high-end headphone category with the new HE400se. These open-back planar magnetic headphones employ single-ended drivers said to deliver a wide soundstage with accurate spatial imaging. They also feature acoustically invisible stealth magnets designed to let sound waves pass through without any interference which results in pure sonic output. With an increased efficiency to 91dB, the HE400se is able to offer high-end audio performance on any smartphone or tablet. In terms of design, the padded headband and hybrid earpads should make the headphones comfortable enough to wear for hours. The HIFIMAN HE400se headphones are being made available this month via Amazon India for ₹14,999.