Google finally launches its truly wireless second gen Pixel Buds

And we are eggstatic about it
29 April 2020 / 14:02IST

Google finally launched its second-generation Pixel Buds in the US today after announcing them back in October last year at its ‘Made by Google’ event. The new Pixel Buds are packed to the brim with cool new features and are surprisingly priced to go at $179 (approx. ₹13,500). A lot has changed design-wise; the new buds are truly wireless and can be used individually and tucked in a cool-looking egg-shaped charging case that should give better battery life than the previous model. So what’s new? Well, there’s plenty. They still don’t pack in active noise cancellation (which is fine given the sticker price), but you do get Adapt Sound that will automatically, subtly raise the volume when it detects distracting sounds nearby. Pairing is now super easy with Fast Pair and voice call clarity is said to have improved dramatically thanks to the new sensor (which detects jaw bone movement) along with special mics. There’s also the usual hands-free help when you have your hands tied at the supermarket and also real-time translations when you're travelling abroad (whenever that happens). The new Buds are available in the US in Clearly White and will soon be available in Oh So Orange, Quite Mint and Almost Black in the coming months.