The Fuse Vert is a vertical record player that defies gravity

Vertical limit
19 August 2019 / 10:12IST

Have you ever looked at your record player and thought "that's pretty swish, but how will anyone ever appreciate how truly edgy I am if they can't see the sumptuous vinyl I'm spinning?" Well Mr. Cool, hold that thought for just one second, because we might have exactly what you've been looking for. Say hello to the Fuse Vert ($165, approx ₹12,000), a vertical record player that'll show off your glorious vinyls while they spin. The system also features an FM radio, alarm clock, USB port for MP3s, and bluetooth connectivity for streaming, but the main attraction is that gravity defying player that'll showcase your favourite records without sacrificing sound quality. We'll admit, it sounds like a bit of a gimmick, but if the project (currently seeking funding via Kickstarter) actually works, it's an admittedly swanky idea.