Fireworks nuisance? Wrap on a Soundcore Life NC

1.5-year warranty, 10 hours of play time and a massive discount
14 October 2019 / 13:24IST

Since the festival of lights is more about sound and that is a painful truth, enjoying pleasurable music or that splendid horror series could turn out to be a nightmare. If you don’t have a noise cancelling pair of audio cans, then you should check with your interior designer to soundproof your windows. An alternative to such an expensive approach is to get yourself some good NC headphones and Soundcore (by Anker) is probably a good option. The Life NC is a neckband-style headphones that wraps around your ears that can whisper Hi-Res Audio for a straight 10 hours. These headsets are built with four microphones to help eliminate that pesky children’s noisy works. Available at an MRP of ₹11,999, these noise cancelling Soundcores are on a Diwali discount for ₹7999.